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India Visa Online

The e-Visa system was introduced by our Honourable Prime Minister in 2014 to simplify the process of obtaining a visa for India by bringing its access online to everyone and anyone who wish to travel to India. The facility initially was introduced with the name of e-Tourist Visa (eTV) but was only available to citizens of a selected few countries.

The Indian e-Visa process has undergone significant changes since then over a period of time. The e-Visa facility was extended to include e-Medical Visa, e-Medical Attendant Visa, e-emergency X-Misc, e-Business Visa, and e-Conference Visa to further facilitate travellers to India for various purposes. The process was crafted to bring this paperless facility online, allowing applicants to submit their visa applications from their own comfortable space and upload required documents electronically. The e-Visa facility is aimed to reduce paperwork and streamline the entire visa application process to make it more efficient for travellers intending to visit India for tourism, medical treatment, business, or conferences.

Indian Visa Application Process

Indian Visa online application process is relatively straightforward. You can apply for an e-Visa for India in 3 simple process. You have to fill the application for online, upload your clear scanned passport copy and photograph, once these two processes are completed then you can pay the fee online using your credit or debit card, finally receive your e visa approval in your email. The process generally takes about 30 minutes to complete, including submitting the application and making the required payment online.

Once the visa application is submitted and paid for, takes about 5-7 days to process your e visa application. You may receive the visa approval within 72 hours also. After approval you will receive an email with a copy of your original Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA), and you can then proceed with your travel plans to India.For more information or any support and to begin with the application process, you may approach our online visa support centre through email or WhatsApp call or chat.

Types of India e Visa :

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Indian e-Tourist Visa

The applicants must apply for the appropriate category depending on their need and duration of the stay. The apply for Indian Tourist Visa has further been categorised into 3 different categories as given below.

  • 1) 30 Days Indian e-tourist visa which allows the tourist to stay for the purpose of holiday, sightseeing or any recreational activity with friends and family. With this visa the visitors are allowed to stay a maximum of 30 days from the date of entry. The number of entries allowed is twice within the validity period of the visa. The date of exit is 30 days from the date of first entry whereas the visitors are allowed to enter into the Indian territory from any designated checkpoints through land, water and air.
  • 2) 1 year Indian online tourist visa permits the visitors to stay on the Indian soil for up to 365 days from the date of first entry. During this period the tourist may travel multiple times in and out of the Indian borders from any designated checkpoint but must exit the Indian territory within 365 days. Tourists may choose their exit point to be different from the entry point as their is no restriction on travelling through different check posts.
  • 3) 5 years Indian e Visa is valid for a 5 years stay again with multiple entries and exits across any designated check posts pan India. There are 28 airports and 5 seaports that have been approved as designated check posts by the Department of Immigration. Irrespective of the validity of the visa any tourist can stay a maximum of 180 days at stretch on any valid visa.

Travelling with any type of above visas, the visitors must carry with themselves a hardcopy of the valid visa along with a machine readable 6 months valid passport. Further the tourists must have sufficient funds to support their stay in India in the form of cash or debit or a credit card. They also must have a copy of their return tickets for their return or an onward journey before the expiry of their respective visa. Once must not operate any commercial activity on the tourist visa as it would be a legal offence doing so.

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Indian e-Business Visa

To explore the vibrant business landscapes of India, the Indian business visa as a gateway for the international entrepreneurs and business professionals who seek to establish themselves in the fastest growing economy in the world. There are essentials details which must be kept in mind while applying for the e-Business visa for India vis-a-vis eligibility criteria, required documents and the entire application process.

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Indian e-Conference Visa

To attend any conference, seminar or any other official meetings held in India the international participants need to obtain the Indian e-Conference Visa electronically. The e-conference visa India facility makes it convenient for a person to apply at short notice from any corner of the world provided you have the internet facility, an electronic payment method and a device to access the website online to submit the application form. Here are the guidelines to apply for this visa online.

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Indian E-Medical Visa

The medical visa india has revolutionised the concept of medical tourism, making it easier for international patients to seek quality healthcare services in India. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the application process, eligibility criteria, required documents, and other essential details associated with obtaining an Indian E-Medical Visa

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Indian E-Medical Attendant Visa

The Indian E-Medical Attendant Visa is a specialised visa category that allows individuals to accompany patients seeking medical treatment in India. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the purpose, eligibility criteria, application process, and benefits associated with the Indian E-Medical Attendant Visa, highlighting its significance in facilitating healthcare access for international patients.

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E-Visa India Process

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List of Eligible Countries

An idyllic period of existence can be felt when the human is not marginalized with men-made boundaries and barriers to travel across.

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The fragrance of India’s divinity has reached every part of the world, and the USA is not an exception. Most USA

citizens are always in quest of some peace from the hustle and bustle of the hectic lives they live. That’s why visiting India

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United Kingdom

The UK citizens might wish to experience the architectural remains built by their ancestors in India during their reign.

Seeing historical places and buildings, they can not only know history, but also feel it. And, taking this desire for Indian tourism

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Australians love to visit India, especially Rajasthan. They always have a ball when it comes to immersing themselves

in the royal touch from the noble historical forts and monuments built by Indian Maharajas. Furthermore,

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Indians welcome foreigners with heart and soul, thus boosting a desire in them to visit India. Tourists find themselves as

if they are in their own country in India. Moreover, the best thing is that Canadian visitors can now easily apply for an India visa online

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Despite having only a handful number of Russian speakers, India has always been a heavenly and comfortable place for Russians,

as they find Indian people very sweet and welcoming. Seeing such a tremendous interest in Russians to visit India,

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Belgium is one of those European countries whose citizens enjoy their holiday in India and wish to set up own business

here to earn from one of the world’s biggest markets. The Indian government has facilitated the Indian visa application system

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The bewitching beauty of India has always been the major reason for catching the eyeballs of people around the globe.

And, the hassle-free online Indian visa application system has made much easier for over 160 countries’ nationals, including Germany,

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Hong Kong

India’s marvellous beauty has grabbed the attention of the whole world, and Hong Kong is not an exception.

It is a Chinese special administrative region; whose citizens wish to explore the diverse culture of India.

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