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Research Visa is granted to those scholars who desire to conduct research projects or work in India. The applicants of research visas are requested to get permission to conduct a research project in India from the concerned authority of India as and where applicable. However, the desired applicant is requested to apply at least six weeks before his or her departure to India for research. The validity of the visa would be coinciding with research work and period.

Some of the points which the applicant need to keep in mind before filling their application form:

  • A research visa is offered to a foreign student who wishes to study further and do research work in India. The visa is valid for 3 years, given to a research scholar for the duration of the research project.
  • However, if a research scholar needs more time to work on the project, then he or she can request FRRO/FRO to extend the research period. The total period of the visa may be under restrictions while the project work is going on or taking time on approval by the Institute of Affiliation. Meanwhile, the project work can touch five years as well to complete. These foreign scholars may also give extension more than six months as the final extension even after the project completion.
  • Foreign Student Advisers, Registrars of educational Institutions or Administrative Officers must report on their first working day in India of every quarter of the concerned FRRO/FRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO)/ Foreigners Registration Office), confirming that the foreign research scholars are studying and doing research on the project which is given in their institutions or Universities.
  • Those foreign students who are already live in India for higher education and who wish to pursue a research program after completing their higher studies from Indian colleges would also be requested to go similarly. However, the FRRO/FRO will be requested to convert a student visa into a research visa if the student has all the required documents as proof the admission in the research program. However, the student should also have adequate financial resources.
  • In cases where the research student or scholars are involved on a work related to the foreigner’s own country, then the research scholar needs to give a required brief synopsis of the research proposal in about 150 words and a complete justification (including the benefit he or she will get) for doing the research work in India.
  • OCI cardholders who are undertaking the research work in India would get special permission from the government. Such permission may be granted to the scholars by the Indian Missions or Posts. However, in case, an OCI holder who is residing in India, and the application submitted to the FRRO/FROM will grant such permission. And, the change of subject or university or institute of affiliation on Research Visa will not be easily allowed.

Documents required to apply for Research Visa

  • The applicant needs to show a letter of admission and certificate of Affiliation in original form from the recognized Indian University or Institution so that it can be confirmed that the admission is done for the research purpose.
  • The research scholar needs to mention the subject or topic of the research project.
  • The scholar also requested to mention the details of places to be visited in India during the project period.
  • The applicant is also requested to mention previously visited places to India.
  • The strong evidence of financial resources should mention by the applicant to meet the stay in India for research work.
  • You also need to be aware that no columns in the application form must be left blank.

Visa for foreign professors, teachers, and scholars

If the professors, scholars, and teachers are invited to Indian colleges, universities, or institutes as visiting faculty, then the powers to issue visas are delegated to Indian Posts or Mission abroad on the same lines which are also applied for the research scholars. The Indian Posts and Mission will authorize to grant visa (Research-2) based on an invitation from a Central Educational Institution or publicly funded State University.

Grand to research visa Botanical Scientific, Anthropological, and etc. expeditions

If the research visa is granted to Scientific, Botanical, Anthropological expertise, then it is compulsory to take permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs before four months in advance with a copy of the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

However, the members of such expeditions will be granted Research Visa (R-4). The members of these expeditions are requested to take their documents and invitation to a liaison officer, which must be deputed by the agency and concerned of the Government of India. On the approval of the designated agency of the Government of India, it is also necessary to take out of India any specimens, etc. collected while the expedition is going on. These conditions must be prescribed by the Ministry of Science and Technology and other agencies.

Furthermore, these expeditions will not be allowed to visit any protected, tribal, or restricted area without advanced permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Study Vedic culture, yoga , dance, music etc.

The Indian Mission or Posts may offer a Student Visa to a person who desires to do yoga, Vedic culture, Indian dance, music, etc at the institutions/ universities or any campus approved by the Government of India, which is listed in Appendix VII for 5 years, 3 years and 1 year as per the need of the course by the foreign students.

However, to pursue these courses the foreign student who desires to accomplish these courses needs to show proof while taking admission to the proposed study centre. The students need to be sponsored by the institution. Such Student Visa holders are requested to open their NRO account (Non-Resident Ordinary account) in India so that they can submit their NRO account details to FRRO/FRO during registration or visa extension and they must offer proof of finance sustenance.

In this scenario, the visa holder can extend their visa for a year to year basis while pursuing the course subject for up to five years. This visa should be granted by the FRRO/FRO concerned based on sponsored institutes.

Visas for foreign nationals coming for Buddhist studies

Indian Mission or Posts offers a Student Visa or Research Visa to foreign national who is coming to India for Buddhist studies in any of the universities or institutions mentioned below for 5 years:

  • 1. Sera Je Secondary School, P.O. Bylakuppe, Mysore District, Karnataka
  • 2. Sera Jey Monastic University for Advanced Buddhist Studies & Practice, Bylakuppe, Mysore District, Karnataka
  • 3. Himalaya Buddhist Cultural School, P.O. Box 74, Village Rangri, P.O. Manali, District Kullu, H.P
  • 4. Drepung Gomang Monastery, Mundgod, Karnataka
  • 5. Gyuto Tantric University (Ramoche Temple), P.O. Sidhbari, Dharamsala, District Kangra, H.P
  • 6. Upper Tantric College (Gyuto), Sidhbari, Dharamsala, H.P
  • 7. Namdrolling Monastery, Bylakuppe , Karnataka
  • 8. Menriling Monastery, Solan, H.P
  • 9. Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute, Dharamsala, H.P
  • 10. Drikung Kagyu Jangchubling, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
  • 11. Central University for Tibetan Studies, Sarnath, Varanasi, U.P
  • 12. College for Higher Tibetan Studies, Dharamsala, H.P
  • 13. Sera Mey Dratsang Cultural Society (R), Bylakuppe, Karnataka
  • 14. Tushita Meditation Center, Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh
  • 15. Rinchen Choeling Nunnery Sakyapa Nunnery, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
  • 16. Tsogyal Shedupling Nunnery Nyingmapa Nunnery, Bylakuppe, Karnataka
  • 17. Drepung Loseling Monastery Lama Camp No.2, Tibetan Colony, Mundgod, District Karwar, Karnataka
  • 18. Chodhe Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, Gelukpa Monastery, Bylakuppe, Karnataka
  • 19. Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (LTWA), Gangchen Kyishong, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh
  • 20. Dolma Ling Nunnery (DLN), Sidhpur, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh
  • 21. Institute of Buddhist Dialectics (IBD), Macleod Ganj, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh

Visa for dependent

There is no visa grant for parents or family member who is coming to India with the student holding Student Visa or Research Visa. However, if someone is coming with the scholar, then he or she also needs to fulfill the eligibility conditions for the same.

In case foreign national coming on Research or Student visa for higher studies, family, minor children can accompany may be granted on the dependent visa of appropriate sub-category. The validity of the dependent visa will be co-terminus with the research or student visa for a shorter period, must be considered by the Indian Mission or Posts.

Visa of dependents of foreign scholars or students coming on Business, Student, and Employment Visa, etc. can be converted into Research Visa with the permission of FRRO/FRO. However, the person should fulfill the conditions and requirements.

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