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Types of e Visa Govt. Visa Fee Processing Fee
( USD)
Total Fee
( USD)
30 Days Tourist Visa
$25 $50 $75
1 Year Tourist Visa $40 $85 $125
5 Years Tourist Visa $80 $65 $145
1 Year Business Visa $100 $125 $225
60 Days Medical Visa $100 $125 $225
60 Days Attendant Visa $100 $125 $225

The Processing Fee Includes following services:

  1. The Indian e Visa Application form is a complicated and lengthy one. There are chances that you will make mistakes while filling the application form. After you have submitted the application with incorrect details the visa will get rejected. We have a quality team in place which does a thorough check on the details of the application and ensure that all the details are correct as per the passport.

  2. We provide you guidance in respect to the choice of visa as per your requirement such as the duration of your stay and purpose of travel which helps you save some money on the visa fee.

  3. The documentation part is the most difficult one. The govt. of India needs the documents in certain sizes and dimensions which is not easy to prepare. Most of the applicants get stuck over there and are not able to upload the documents online as they don’t fit the size. Our 24X7 support team helps you to fulfil these requirements and we make the proper size and dimension of the documents to upload them on Govt. website.

  4. There are certain fields in the application which require special attention as they are the most common reason for rejections. We know those reasons and we guide you with those fields so that you don’t have to face rejections.

  5. Certain questions in the Indian Visa application form are ambiguous and difficult to understand and decide the answer to those question. People make mistakes in those answers which are also one of the major reasons of rejection. With us you can avoid such scenarios.

  6. Our success rate is more than 99% as we have the expertise in this domain. We are first and only services across the world to provide 24X7 phone and email support both. With our expertise you don’t have to take any hassle. You just submit the application on our website and we make sure that when it is submitted to the Govt. then the chance of rejection is almost negligible.

  7. If the visa is rejected due to our mistake then we either refund the processing or re-process the visa application without any charge so that you don’t have to pay any additional money to get the visa approved.

  8. Once rejected always rejected is what generally happens with the Visas. The Govts. Keep records of all the applications submitted by all the individuals whether rejected or approved. The rejection history of any applicant has to go through repeat scrutiny and chances are there that it may be rejected again. We try to save you that risk with our expertise as our success ratio is over 99%.

  9. In case of any situation where some complication arises with your application, we liaise with the Indian Embassy and try to resolve the issue in your favour.

  10. We take the full charge of the whole process from getting the visa application from you till getting the visa result delivered to you. We check every minute details in the application, documents, purpose and other individual details of the applicant to ensure the success.

Important: Among all the above services we provide to get you the visa approval, here is the most worrying part of your travel. When you submit a visa application, it’s not only the visa fee at stake but the expenses associated with your travel. The volume of the travel expenses involved in your travel is huge as compared to the prices of visa and the processing fee we charge to ensure the approval and take the responsibility of the whole process.

You can also apply the visa directly with Indian Government but looking at the complexity of the application, you must think and re-consider if it is worth taking a risk of thousands of dollars involved in your travel plans for saving just $34-$99 of service fee. If the visa is rejected, the whole money goes down the drain including the visa fee.

So, we suggest you to give our experts the opportunity save you from that sorrow state you may put yourself in. There are chances that you may get the visa approved if you do everything right but it depends on your clarity and confidence in respect to the visa application. We don’t wish to dissuade you but there is a famous saying “it’s always better to be safe than sorry.”

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